Hydrolyte® Is a Must-Have Product in Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Applications for Hydrolyte® Spray

Did you know that Hydrolyte® is a must-have product in prisons and correctional facilities? Probably not. After all, this is a rather revolutionary concept. In prisons and correctional facilities, there are so many benefits to using Hydrolyte®, including reducing costs and improving inmate health.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using Hydrolyte® in prisons and correctional facilities. Stay tuned for more information!

Hydrolyte® is a Groundbreaking Disinfecting Solution

First of all, what exactly is Hydrolyte®? Through the process of electrochemical activation (ECA), salt, water, and electricity are combined to create a powerful disinfecting solution. This solution effectively kills bacteria, viruses (including Sars Cov2 the virus that causes COVID 19 and all the variants and Monkeypox virus), when used as directed on the label. In addition, Hydrolyte® is low toxicity and does not produce harmful byproducts.

As a result, it is low toxic for inmates, correctional officers, and staff. It is also eco-friendly for the environment, as it does not pollute or harm ecosystems. Let’s talk more about that.

Hydrolyte® Has Low Toxicity and Is Eco-Friendly

Hydrolyte® has the lowest toxicity rating and does not produce harmful byproducts. This is because the process of electrochemical activation creates a powerful oxidizing agent that breaks down into water and oxygen. In other words, it is non-dangerous for the environment. In addition, Hydrolyte® is biodegradable and does not strike or harm ecosystems. Subsequently, it is the perfect solution for prisons and correctional facilities that are looking for an alternative disinfecting solution

But the best part is next.

Hydrolyte® is Cost-Effective

Most prisons and correctional facilities have resorted to using soap and water due to inmates not being able to use cleaners like ammonia and bleach. However, soap and water is not as effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Soap and water are a lot like letting your toddler eat candy for every meal: it might be cheaper in the short run, but it’s not cost-effective in the long run. When inmates get sick, it’s expensive for prisons and correctional facilities, in terms of both money and productivity. When someone falls ill, they need to be seen by a doctor and oftentimes will need to be quarantined, which means they can’t work. Not to mention, if an outbreak occurs, it can cause a lot of damage control.

So while Hydrolyte® may cost a bit more upfront, its disinfecting power does a much better job than soap and water, leading to less sickness.

Hydrolyte® Has No Volatile Organic Compounds

What does this mean exactly? Let’s say some of your patients have asthma or other respiratory conditions. These inmates are at a higher risk for complications if they’re exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that become gasses at room temperature. They’re found in a lot of cleaning products and can be harmful to people with respiratory conditions. But because Hydrolyte® has the lowest toxicity rating and does not produce harmful byproducts, it does not contain volatile organic compounds.

Hydrolyte® Doesn’t Require PPE

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is expensive. Not to mention, it’s hot and uncomfortable to wear in the summer.

Hydrolyte® is safe to use and does not require PPE. This means you can save money on PPE and make your inmates a little more comfortable.


There are so many advantages to using Hydrolyte® in prisons and correctional facilities. It’s a non-harmful, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and powerful disinfecting solution. Not to mention, it can’t be weaponized or used as contraband and doesn’t require PPE. If you’re looking for a cleaning solution for your prison or correctional facility, Hydrolyte® is the perfect choice.

When you’re ready to take the next step, give the PCT team a call at (843) 390-7900. We’ll talk with you about your facility and figure out how much Hydrolyte® you’ll need to get started. PCT is a publicly traded EPA-registered company, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product. Plus, Hydrolyte® is already being used for hospital disinfection (and hospitals take disinfection very seriously).

Thanks for reading! Do you have any questions about Hydrolyte® or how it can be used in your prison or correctional facility? Let us know in the comments below. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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