Non-Weaponizable Disinfectant

In correctional facilities, where traditional chemical disinfectants pose security risks, HOCl offers a safe alternative. Its non-weaponizable nature makes it ideal for use in these environments, ensuring effective pathogen control without compromising safety.

Combatting Pathogen Outbreaks

HOCl’s potent disinfecting properties are crucial in preventing costly and dangerous pathogen outbreaks in prisons. Its ability to neutralize harmful microorganisms effectively reduces the risk of infections, protecting inmates, especially those with compromised immune systems.

Cost-Effective Sanitation

Using HOCl in correctional facilities is not only safer but also cost-effective. It minimizes the financial burden of managing outbreaks, offering an efficient solution to maintain health and hygiene standards in prisons.

HOCL: Infection Control In Correctional Facilities
Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Anolyte and Catholyte: Safe, Eco-Friendly Disinfectants for Prisons

Adaptable Cleaning Solutions

Anolyte and Catholyte provide adaptable cleaning solutions for prisons. Their eco-friendly and non-toxic nature makes them suitable for various cleaning needs within correctional facilities, from cell blocks to communal areas.

Preventing Health Risks

Their use in prisons helps prevent health risks associated with harsh chemicals. By choosing these eco-friendly disinfectants, correctional facilities can maintain cleanliness without endangering the health of inmates or staff.

Environmentally Conscious Choice

Implementing Anolyte and Catholyte in prisons reflects a commitment to environmentally conscious cleaning practices. This approach aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability in institutional settings.

Hydrolyte®: The Effective Solution for Prison Sanitation

Specialized for Institutional Use

Hydrolyte®, tailored for institutional environments like prisons, offers a specialized solution for sanitation challenges. Its formulation is designed to meet the rigorous demands of prison cleaning, ensuring thorough disinfection.

Safe and Reliable

Hydrolyte®‘s safety profile makes it a reliable choice for correctional facilities. Its effectiveness in eliminating pathogens, coupled with its non-toxic nature, ensures a safe and hygienic environment for inmates and staff.

Streamlining Sanitation Processes

Incorporating Hydrolyte® into prison sanitation routines streamlines the cleaning process. Its ease of use and efficiency facilitate better hygiene practices, contributing to overall facility health and safety.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)
Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Enhancing Safety in Jails with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Improving Inmate Well-being

Eco-friendly cleaning agents like HOCl improve inmate well-being by providing a clean and non-toxic environment. This approach minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals, promoting better health in correctional facilities.

Addressing Security Concerns

The use of eco-friendly cleaning agents in jails addresses security concerns. These products cannot be weaponized, ensuring that sanitation practices do not inadvertently increase risks within the facility.

Economic and Health Benefits

Choosing eco-friendly cleaning agents in correctional facilities offers both economic and health benefits. By preventing outbreaks and reducing the need for harsh chemicals, jails can manage costs more effectively while ensuring the health of inmates and staff.

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Low-toxic, environmentally safe industrial-grade cleanser with no VOCs or Quats, eco-friendly, safe around pets and people.



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