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Hydrolyte® is a disinfecting solution produced by PCT for use in a wide range of applications. Unlike chemical cleaners that contain toxic or hazardous ingredients, Hydrolyte® is created as an electrical reaction of simple salt water, making it ideal for use in healthcare environments. Through the electrolysis process, water containing dissolved sodium chloride (salt) is electrically separated into its basic components, producing catholyte and anolyte solutions. The anolyte solution is highly effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that are not affected by standard cleaners, degreasers, and other cleaning products.

The primary agent in Hydrolyte® is hypochlorous acid, a form of chlorine. Hypochlorous acid is a naturally occurring solution and is produced by the body’s white blood cells as a defense mechanism against infectious diseases. By using hypochlorous acid in the form of Hydrolyte®, generated by the electrolysis of salt water, hospitals and other facilities can attack these diseases before they negatively affect patients, keeping more people safe without using hazardous chemicals to do so.

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Anolyte Solution

The electrolysis of water and sodium chloride produces two byproducts, catholyte and anolyte solutions. Hydrolyte® is the brand name for the anolyte solution produced by PCT at its South Carolina and Oklahoma facilities and shipped to end users in the healthcare field throughout the US.

Applications for Hydrolyte® Spray

While Hydrolyte® is an ideal disinfectant for hard, nonporous surfaces in a broad range of environments, including food preparation, the hospitality industry, and many others, it is particularly suited for use in healthcare applications. A Hydrolyte® spray, when left on a surface for 10 minutes, kills up to 99.9999% of label listed pathogens, including many of the most persistent and harmful pathogens found in hospital environments today. In addition to its high degree of effectiveness as a disinfectant, Hydrolyte® can be diluted for use as a sanitizing solution in even more applications.

Hydrolyte® is registered with the EPA as an effective disinfecting and sanitizing solution for hard, nonporous surfaces. It is manufactured by PCT in the USA and is subject to US health and safety regulations, giving end users confidence that the Hydrolyte® disinfectant solution meets all product label claims.

Hydrolyte® is a powerful asset for a hospital, private medical practice, dental office, veterinary office, nursing facility, or other healthcare environment in the fight against infectious disease. Incredibly versatile, easy to use and store, and it carries the EPA’s lowest toxicity (category IV), which does not require the use of any warnings, precautionary statements, or signal words with the exception of “Keep out of reach of children,” which is required on all disinfectants. It is easy to see why many healthcare facilities are turning to Hydrolyte® spray as their preferred method for disinfecting hard surfaces.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)


The electrolysis of salt water to produce anolyte solutions, including Hydrolyte®, is an exciting development due to its production of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing fluids that do not contain hazardous chemicals. Many healthcare facilities choose Hydrolyte® due to its numerous advantages over competing disinfectant products:

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Traditional Cleaning and Disinfectant Solutions

The rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other hospital centered pathogens exposes the inability of many traditional disinfecting solutions to target these extremely harmful mutations. Hydrolyte® is highly effective against H1N1, C. diff, salmonella, MRSA, TB, norovirus, and many other pathogens, and is a desirable alternative to more toxic cleaning and disinfecting products.

The effectiveness of Hydrolyte® against antibiotic resistant bacteria is due in large part to its physical mode of destroying harmful cells. The anolyte solution, rather than attacking cells at a chemical level, physically destroys cell walls and breaks down cellular DNA, leaving no opportunity for the building up of resistance.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

UV Cleaning

In recent years, the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect has gained popularity. However, UV light fails to adequately address all surfaces in a hospital room, operating theater, or other setting, leaving areas underneath tables, beds, desks, etc., as safe havens for the growth of C. diff, MRSA, and other harmful pathogens. A Hydrolyte® spray, on the other hand, is able to completely cover all surfaces and eliminate bacteria.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)


Common household cleaners, while effective at removing large particles such as dust, soil, foods/beverages, and organic matter, leave microorganisms behind even on surfaces that appear clean. As an EPA registered disinfecting solution, Hydrolyte® penetrates beyond the large particles and kills very small microorganisms within minutes of exposure.


Hydrolyte® is produced exclusively by Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp., headquartered in Little River, South Carolina. For more than 18 years the company has been involved in the research, production, and distribution of disinfecting solutions as well as on site generation that meet the needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In addition to Hydrolyte®, PCT also produces Catholyte, a cleaner and degreaser that is a byproduct of the salt water electrolysis disinfectant production process. By making these solutions widely available to the healthcare industry, PCT aims to be an essential partner in the ongoing fight against persistent, antibiotic resistant diseases.


Hydrolyte® disinfectant solution and its incredible power to address some of the healthcare industry’s most persistent pathogenic concerns represent many years of intense scientific research. PCT is proud to be at the leading edge of this research and its applications to help patients and their caregivers stay safe from diseases. To learn more about Hydrolyte®, its applications within healthcare, and PCT’s other solutions for hospitals and medical practices, we invite you to explore our website and follow us on our social media platforms.

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