Powdery mildew prevention is a top subject of conversation at all levels of the cannabis industry. While there are many pest and fungal threats facing cannabis crops throughout the US, this pervasive mildew is one of the most common, destructive, and difficult to eradicate. As growers try a wide range of different types of products to prevent powdery mildew from spreading throughout their grow rooms, they usually become frustrated with the insufficiency of these solutions to completely remove and prevent its return.

PCT, the producer of Greenlyte®, is proud to offer solutions for cannabis entrepreneurs that check all the boxes for an effective, safe, and ecologically responsible strategy against powdery mildew. With Greenlyte®, growers finally have a way to beat powdery mildew infestations without being concerned about the solution having negative impacts on their cannabis plants. Read on to find out how this revolutionary product solves this and other common cannabis health threats.

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Impacts of Powdery Mildew on Grow Rooms

What sets powdery mildew apart from the rest of the known threats that cannabis grow rooms face? With hop latent virus, spider mites, aphids, and a host of other pests seeking to destroy cannabis crops, powdery mildew is somewhat unusual, and its qualities make it a special case that deserves additional attention from growers that are determined to bring as much as possible of their crop to harvest in healthy condition. Given the broad extent of possible infection, effective powdery mildew spray treatments can make the difference between harvesting a crop and losing an enormous percentage of it.

The distinctive appearance of powdery mildew is a sight that cannabis growers dread. It shows up as a white, flour-like substance sprinkled on leaves, and quickly spreads from plant to plant. If steps are not taken to aggressively prevent powdery mildew from propagating, it can easily infect an entire cannabis crop and decimate the grower’s profits.

Why does this disease infect cannabis plants so quickly? A main reason is the warm, humid environment of the grow room. The ideal growing conditions for healthy cannabis plants are unfortunately also the ideal growing conditions for powdery mildew. Once the spores make their way into the grow room and begin infecting plants, it is extremely difficult to eradicate.

Fighting Powdery Mildew

In a rush to identify a powdery mildew spray that fulfills their expectations, cannabis entrepreneurs have searched far and wide through the catalog of existing products. Nearly every solution, however, falls short in at least one area. An ideal powdery mildew prevention strategy should meet all of these criteria:

  • Destroys existing powdery mildew growth completely, not leaving spores on plants that will grow back later
  • Prevents the return of powdery mildew infection, giving cannabis plants a chance to stay healthy without suffering from destructive mildew
  • Does not have any negative impacts of its own on cannabis plants themselves
  • Is safe for use around plants and humans, not producing VOCs or other airborne chemical compounds that are harmful to the respiratory system
  • Is easy to use and store
Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Cannabis growers who have experimented with Greenlyte®, the hypochlorous acid based solution offered by PCT, have reported surprising and consistently positive results in fighting powdery mildew. Here are some of the ways that Greenlyte® meets the criteria listed above:

  • Greenlyte® has been used extensively in grow rooms, sprayed on cannabis plants infected with powdery mildew. All indications show that Greenlyte® is very effective in quickly destroying existing powdery mildew infestations, getting leaves clear from the flour-like white powder in a surprisingly brief period of application.
  • Growers are able to leave Greenlyte® on cannabis plants indefinitely, since it does not pose a health risk to the plants themselves. With the hypochlorous acid solution remaining in place, powdery mildew has no opportunity to reestablish a colony within the crop.
  • As mentioned before, the hypochlorous acid that forms the basis of Greenlyte® is safe for cannabis plants. The product is formed through a water electrolysis process, starting with potassium chloride and resulting in a solution that is tough on mildew and other fungi but harmless for cannabis.
  • Greenlyte® produces no VOCs or quaternary ammonium compounds. These and other airborne contaminants, though impossible to see or smell, are common health concerns with many chemical cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products. Even in the confined, humid environment of a cannabis grow room, use of Greenlyte® does not pose VOC risk to humans who are present.
  • There is no PPE required to keep workers safe while handling, storing, or applying Greenlyte®. The product’s low toxicity levels make it an ideal product for safe, efficient application to cannabis crops.
Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

How is Greenlyte® Made?

Greenlyte® is an anolyte solution based on hypochlorous acid, one of the most effective compounds against infections of various types. Hypochlorous acid is rapidly gaining a reputation in a wide range of different industries for its amazing balance between low toxicity and power against pathogens. Schools, correctional institutions, and other environments in which disease prevention is incredibly important and challenging are finding that PCT’s hypochlorous acid based disinfectant products meet their needs and often exceed their expectations.

While the cannabis industry certainly has its own nuances, Greenlyte® is proving to be an invaluable resource there as well. Powdery mildew prevention is possible with hypochlorous acid, and the convenience of using Greenlyte® to fight infestations makes it a fantastic solution for entrepreneurs who want to prevent powdery mildew reliably and put this health threat behind them.

Greenlyte® and Your Cannabis Business

On our website, you will find a wealth of information regarding Greenlyte® and its applications within the cannabis industry. Blogposts, case studies, and press releases give a real-world view of how growers and entrepreneurs across the United States are using Greenlyte® in their operations and finding it incredibly valuable. Growers who partner with PCT find that our hypochlorous acid based solutions become an indispensable element in their quest to help plants stay resistant to health threats and bring each cannabis crop to harvest.

Using Greenlyte® as a powdery mildew spray is incredibly simple, requiring no complex PPE, no ventilation or rinsing protocols, and no mitigations for possible negative side effects for cannabis plants. Given its ease of use, many people who encounter Greenlyte® for the first time find it difficult to believe that it is indeed effective to prevent powdery mildew and other threats from taking over in their crops.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

We hope that you will get in touch with our team at PCT directly to discuss the strengths of Greenlyte®, its proven results in the field, and its possibilities for your business. Our industry experts are ready to get into all the details with you, explaining the molecular compound of our cleaning solution, how it works, and answers to all the questions you have about applying Greenlyte® in your grow rooms.

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