PCT Corp Simplifies Hospital Disinfectant Sourcing

Published On: June 27th, 2022


Paradigm Convergence Technologies (PCT), a South Carolina based company that provides disinfecting solutions for a number of industries, now offers several options for hospitals looking to accomplish their disinfecting needs more quickly, easily, affordably, and thoroughly than ever before. These transformative solutions incorporate hypochlorous acid, derived from naturally occurring salt minerals, combined with spraying technology that coats all surfaces of a room evenly for maximum disinfecting coverage. PCT’s unique products and equipment greatly simplify the disinfecting process for large healthcare facilities, which is critical for protecting patients from MRSA, C. diff, norovirus, and other diseases that can propagate within these environments.


Paradigm Convergence Technologies (PCT) is a manufacturer of disinfecting and cleaning solutions, which have valuable applications in a range of different industries spanning from oil & gas to healthcare. Within the healthcare field, PCT’s offerings are particularly powerful, as they allow environmental services staff to perform essential disinfection with minimal time and manpower. These disinfection solutions have 99.9999% efficacy against product label listed pathogens.

At PCT’s facilities in South Carolina and Indiana, HydrolyteⓇ is produced through a water electrolysis process. HydrolyteⓇ contains hypochlorous acid, a compound that is also produced by the human body as a natural immune system response to invading pathogens. As a disinfecting solution, hypochlorous acid is effective against bacteria that causes antibiotic resistant diseases that hospitals struggle to combat every day. It also has the advantage of not requiring any PPE for product handling and application, contains no harsh fumes, chemicals, or VOCs, and allows for faster room turnaround.

Increasing the value of a partnership with PCT on the part of a hospital is the availability of a spray cart designed for use with HydrolyteⓇ. After a room has been thoroughly cleaned, hospital staff can easily fill the spray cart with disinfectant, adjust the spray angle, choose a preset timer setting based on room size and other factors, and allow the spray cart to disinfect the room while staff attends to other responsibilities. Within minutes, all hard surfaces in the room are covered, disinfected, and ready to serve new patients. While this process is much faster and less labor-intensive than current cleaning and disinfecting regimens, it is also much more thorough in evenly covering all hard surfaces, eliminating human error by including those hard-to-get areas that workers sometimes miss.

The final offering from PCT for hospitals is an on-site generation system that produces disinfectant on demand. This system is housed in a unit that is compact, easily stored, and compatible with PCT’s spray cart as well. By generating disinfectant on site, hospitals can reduce dependence on supply chains, reduce the number of product deliveries, and eliminate the waste associated with plastic disinfectant containers, cardboard packaging, and wooden pallets that must be managed after use.

PCT’s revolutionary solutions for disinfecting present an important opportunity for hospitals, which have suffered in recent years from both increases in antibiotic resistant diseases and difficulty hiring and retaining employees–both challenges that are directly addressed by HydrolyteⓇ and the spray equipment available from PCT. You can learn more about PCT and its offerings for the healthcare industry at www.mydemodesigns.com.