HydrolyteⓇ An Ideal Disinfecting Solution For Schools

Published On: July 25th, 2022


Paradigm Convergence Technologies (PCT), a hospital grade disinfectant producer headquartered in northeastern South Carolina, primarily focuses on disinfecting solutions for the healthcare industry. As the upcoming new school year approaches, however, PCT reminds educational institutions from elementary through college that its products, primarily its proprietary solution branded as HydrolyteⓇ, are ideal for disinfecting the surfaces in schools that can become breeding grounds for infectious bacteria and viruses. It is more important than ever before to keep school environments disinfected and healthy, and PCT and HydrolyteⓇ are powerful tools in that effort on the part of school administrations.


HydrolyteⓇ is a hospital grade disinfectant produced by Paradigm Convergence Technologies (PCT), based on the naturally occurring compound hypochlorous acid. HydrolyteⓇ is currently used in hospitals and other large healthcare facilities to disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces, where it is highly effective in fighting a long list of the most troublesome bacteria and pathogens that healthcare workers confront. These include C. diff, norovirus, MRSA, TB, and many others.

The low toxicity, simple storage requirements, and high availability of HydrolyteⓇ make it an ideal disinfecting option for institutions outside of healthcare as well, particularly in educational contexts. As schools prepare to welcome hundreds of children and young people back to their classrooms, dining areas, restrooms, and other spaces, it is critical for them to have a strong plan in place to keep those spaces disinfected throughout the school day. HydrolyteⓇ is an appropriate disinfectant for all areas of a school, and it provides the efficacy that school administrators expect from a product that will help protect their students and staff from a range of common pathogens.

HydrolyteⓇ is most commonly applied as a spray to hard, nonporous surfaces, where it kills salmonella, norovirus, MRSA, and other antibiotic resistant bacteria with a high degree of efficacy. Electrostatic spray options are available, which are very effective in accomplishing even, thorough coverage of a classroom, restroom, or other space. The electrostatic spray system is particularly effective in reaching those surfaces that are frequently overlooked in manual disinfecting processes, such as the undersides of counters and desks.

As school districts around the country increasingly emphasize environmental responsibility, cleaning and disinfecting strategies are a particular area of focus. Hydrolyte is registered and approved by the EPA, giving school administrations and boards confidence that it complies with state and local mandates. As the solution is based on hypochlorous acid, a compound that occurs naturally within the human body’s immune system, it boasts a low toxicity and is appropriate for use in environments where children of all ages and pets may be present.

Schools can get in touch with PCT to learn more about HydrolyteⓇ, its composition, and the pathogens listed on its product label through the company’s website, www.mydemodesigns.com. By applying this solution’s great potential in educational environments in addition to hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools can help students, teachers, and support staff enjoy a healthy school year free of disease and focus on academic excellence instead.