While many people use terms such as disinfectant, sanitizer, and cleaner interchangeably, the Environmental Protection Agency has specific definitions for each term. In order for a product to be called a disinfectant or a sanitizer, it must be effective against very small particles–particles too small to be touched by the standard cleaning agent you may use to clean up dirt, dust, food residue, and other waste around the house. While these cleaners and degreasers are important for their ability to remove large particles, which can harbor the growth of pathogens, they do not kill the pathogens themselves. Even surfaces that appear clean can still be contaminated with colonies of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

As a product that attacks and kills microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, Hydrolyte® is registered with the EPA as a disinfectant. Its full product label lists the pathogens that Hydrolyte® has been certified to kill with up to 99.9999% effectiveness. That list includes many of the diseases that hospitals struggle with most, including C. diff, salmonella, norovirus, TB, and MRSA. When a hard, nonporous surface has been exposed to Hydrolyte® for 10 minutes, it can effectively be considered to be clear of these dangerous microorganisms.

A Bulk Hypochlorous Acid Solution

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Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

How Hydrolyte® Is Made

Unlike the traditional sanitizing products that you might expect to find in a healthcare setting, Hydrolyte® is not made by mixing toxic chemicals. Rather, it is a byproduct of an advanced procedure called water electrolysis. Electrolysis takes place when water and dissolved sodium chloride is charged using two electrodes, causing the various elements in the water (hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, and chlorine) to rearrange themselves into two new solutions: anolyte and catholyte. While the catholyte solution also has important applications as a degreaser and cleaner, the anolyte solution contains hypochlorous acid, a critical, naturally occurring compound that is highly effective in killing a range of pathogens.


The search for a disinfectant solution that can reliably kill MRSA and other antibiotic resistant pathogens has been a long and difficult one. Hydrolyte® accomplishes this feat due to its unique mechanisms. Rather than using biological means to fight harmful microorganisms, the anolyte solution attacks cells by destroying their protective walls and breaking down their basic DNA. This process happens within minutes of exposure to Hydrolyte®, leaving hard surfaces disinfected and ready for safe use with patients very shortly after treatment.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Hydrolyte® In Healthcare Settings

PCT is passionate about introducing clients in the healthcare field to the power of Hydrolyte® disinfectant solution to clear their environments of pathogens quickly and reliably. Hospitals that adopt this approach find that Hydrolyte® is convenient to store and use, particularly given its low toxicity and non-hazardous classification by the EPA. Most importantly, it relieves concerns about potentially deadly pathogens like MRSA being left behind on hard surfaces after sanitizing.

Hospitals aren’t the only healthcare facilities that can benefit from using Hydrolyte® disinfectant! In private medical practices, where exam room turnaround needs to happen as quickly yet as thoroughly as possible, the versatility of Hydrolyte® is an enormous advantage. Hypochlorous acid used in dental offices is also a very effective and efficient disinfectant solution.

Of course, healthcare is not the only industry in which the unique qualities of Hydrolyte® shine. As an eco-friendly, non-hazardous disinfectant of hard, nonporous services, our anolyte sanitizing spray is great for use in hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential applications.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Hydrolyte® and Patient Health

PCT has taken the application of Hydrolyte® to exam rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, and other critical spaces to a new level. In contrast with many of its competing disinfectant products, Hydrolyte® produces no VOCs or quaternary ammonium compounds during applications. These airborne chemical compounds, which are unfortunately very common in hospital and other healthcare environments, are severely detrimental to respiratory health, and PCT is proud to offer a disinfecting solution that is free from VOCs and QACs.


As a disinfecting solution with very low toxicity, anolyte is a fantastic choice for private medical professionals operating their own practices. As many patients pass through a dental, ophthalmology, or general medical practice every day, surfaces can become infected with pathogens from sick patients that are then potentially passed on to healthy patients who use the same facility.

Hypochlorous acid used in dental office and other medical practice settings achieves a high degree of disinfecting in a short amount of time, which means that doctors and nurses can treat more patients each day with confidence that the hard, nonporous surfaces in the practice are disinfected before each new appointment begins.


Hospitals and other facilities throughout the United States are discovering the revolutionary change that Hydrolyte® brings to their efforts to keep their environments as safe as possible for their patients and the medical professionals who serve them. Through strong relationships with distributors, dedication to ongoing support and product education, and a firsthand understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare procurement process, PCT works hard every day to help its partners in the healthcare field succeed in their mission to give their patients the best care possible.

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