In the field of healthcare, the search for better disinfecting solutions is ongoing. Not only are hospitals interested in replacing chemical based products, which often produce fumes and come with complex safety requirements, but they also struggle to control antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens like C. diff, MRSA, norovirus, and many others. Fortunately, anolyte sanitizer provides a fantastic alternative to these solutions.

The anolyte sanitizer manufactured by PCT, sold under the brand Hydrolyte®, solves many of the problems that large healthcare facilities battle on an everyday basis. Hydrolyte® is registered with the EPA as an effective disinfectant and sanitizer for hard, nonporous surfaces. It kills 99.9999% of pathogens listed on its product label, which includes important hospital borne diseases like salmonella, C. diff, TB, and norovirus. An even bigger advantage, however, is the fact that anolyte sanitizer is listed with the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating and is not considered hazardous for humans. This makes Hydrolyte® usable in a wide array of settings, including the most critical patient and operating rooms in a hospital.

Anolyte Solution

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Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

How Anolyte Solution is Produced

The creation of anolyte solution is very simple, yet it produces a uniquely powerful, non-hazardous disinfectant that mimics nature’s methods for combating infectious diseases. The production begins with sodium chloride dissolved in water, which is electrically charged through the use of two electrodes. The positive and negative electrodes cause the elements in the salt water to combine in new ways, with the result that two byproducts emerge: catholyte and anolyte solutions.

PCT captures the catholyte solution caused by the water electrolysis process and offers it as an effective cleaning and degreasing agent that is eco-friendly and ideal for use in residential, commercial, and institutional applications. The anolyte solution becomes Hydrolyte®, ready to be shipped in bulk to healthcare facilities around the country for all their disinfectant needs.

HOCl, Anolyte’s Active Component

The vital active component in Hydrolyte®, PCT’s anolyte spray, is HOCl, or hypochlorous acid. The discovery of this solution was a huge step forward in the fight against infectious disease, and the harnessing of it as an institutional disinfectant is a fascinating application of biological insight. The most important area in which HOCl appears naturally is within the body, as white blood cells produce it when a virus or harmful bacteria is detected. This naturally occurring hypochlorous acid then attacks the hostile cells, breaking down the cell walls and destroying the DNA contained inside the cells.

HOCl is also produced during water electrolysis as a component of the anolyte solution, and when sprayed on hard, nonporous surfaces and left for several minutes, it has the same effect on pathogen cells that it does within the body. The HOCl kills cells through a physical means of destruction, against which the virus or bacteria is unable to mutate and form a resistance, as often happens over time with chemical disinfecting solutions.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)


Anolyte disinfectant in the form of Hydrolyte® can be applied by sanitation personnel in various ways without concerns over the production of VOCs or quaternary ammonium compounds, which are produced by a large percentage of the market’s chemical cleaning/disinfecting products and pose long-term respiratory hazards to humans. Due to its lack of harmful airborne byproducts, employees do not need any special PPE during application of Hydrolyte®.


While the healthcare industry is certainly one of the most important fields for the use of anolyte sanitizer to kill deadly pathogens before they can attack patients, Hydrolyte® fills needs in many other applications as well. Veterinary practices, foodservice, retail, hospitality, and other industries are all environments in which anolyte sanitizer can be easily used to quickly, thoroughly, and reliably disinfect hard surfaces and keep the public safe.

Within the healthcare industry, while hospitals are the largest field of application for anolyte sanitizer, it also represents a powerful, convenient, non-hazardous disinfecting resource for private medical practices, dental practices, nursing homes and skilled care, and other smaller facilities. Hydrolyte® is made in the USA at our facilities in Oklahoma and South Carolina, and ordering it in bulk from PCT is easy and affordable.


The leadership at PCT has firsthand knowledge of the challenges that the healthcare industry faces every day. With that knowledge in mind, the company has worked for years to refine the production of their flagship product, Hydrolyte®, and to seek registration with the EPA as a disinfecting and sanitizing solution. For the full list of pathogens that our anolyte disinfectant kills, as well as detailed specifications on the types of surfaces and environments in which it is effective, refer to the Hydrolyte® product label. Healthcare facility managers and distributors who have questions about anolyte disinfectant and its applications can also contact PCT directly by phone at 843-390-7900.

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Anolyte Solution


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