While the hemp and cannabis industry have created an incredible range of entrepreneurial opportunities in the United States, there are clearly still many complex hurdles that people must navigate in order to make a cannabis business a success. One of the most frustrating, costly, and challenging problems that hemp growers must deal with is the threat of fungus and other contaminants that kill or damage plants.

For organizations looking to grow healthy, disease-free hemp, effective products can be hard to find. Growers often feel that they are being forced to decide between safety and effectiveness, either choosing a chemical based product that is harmful to plants and humans or choosing a safer product that simply doesn’t do a complete job of eradicating contaminants. Fortunately, PCT offers a cleaning product that does everything the cannabis industry needs it to do, all without negatively affecting humans, plants, or animals.

What is a Pesticide?

Unleashing the Effectiveness of HOCl: Take a Deeper Look with our Case Study and Grower Testimonial.

Grower Case Study


A major cannabis grower in Oklahoma recently put Greenlyte®, the powerful hypochlorous acid solution produced…

Grower Testimonial


I wanted to take a moment to share my experience using Greenlyte, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) on my cannabis plants…

The Science Behind our Hemp Disinfectant

Mold can dramatically lower your crop yield and/or destroy your harvest!

The Science Behind our Hemp Disinfectant

A disinfectant that is powerful against fungus and other microbes yet safe for use around cannabis plants may seem like an impossible balance, but that’s just what PCT’s surface disinfectant achieves. The core active compound in this hemp disinfectant solution is hypochlorous acid, a compound that you may have never heard of but that benefits you every day of your life. That’s because the human body naturally produces hypochlorous acid as a highly effective defense against all sorts of invading pathogens.

PCT’s system produces hypochlorous acid through the process of water electrolysis. The resulting fluid is a disinfectant that uses a neutral electrical charge and free active chlorine to aggressively attack bacteria and pathogens, kill cells, and prevent propagation. Kill time on hard, nonporous surfaces is under 15 minutes, making this an amazing asset for hemp grow rooms, labs, and other facilities that need to be kept free of colonies of contaminating microorganisms.

An Eco-Friendly Hemp Disinfectant

One of the important features of PCT’s surface disinfectant is the fact that it is free of VOCs and quaternary ammonium compounds. These compounds are commonly released by the storage and use of many chemical cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting products on the market today, and they tend to persist in the atmosphere for a very long time. In indoor environments such as grow rooms, workers inhale these compounds and can suffer serious negative respiratory effects.

Particularly for those who already suffer from asthma, COPD, and other chronic conditions, these negative effects are very serious and long-lasting.

Using our disinfectant based on the power of hypochlorous acid, there is no concern about VOCs or other airborne compounds. Humans can work with PCT products without wearing a mask, gloves, or other PPE. This creates a healthier, safer environment for the people who work in grow rooms and other hemp facilities on a daily basis.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)
Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

A New Way to Generate Disinfectant

Keeping hemp disinfectant products in stock is a responsibility that can create an additional frustration for cannabis growers. Storing large quantities of product takes up valuable space that could be utilized for other purposes, and manufacturing and supply chain partners are not always as reliable as one would expect. Organizations can bypass these challenges completely by taking advantage of the on-site generation options available from PCT.

The on-site generation equipment offered by PCT executes the water electrolysis process quickly, producing both disinfectant and surfactant on demand. This means that growers can generate small amounts of disinfectant for short-term storage, or even wait to produce disinfectant until they are ready to apply it. This approach relieves the organization of dependence on potentially unpredictable deliveries and also greatly reduces the amount of waste generated in the form of plastic containers. It’s another way using PCT’s disinfectant helps cannabis businesses “go green.”

Highly Effective Disinfectant That Protects the Environment

Cannabis entrepreneurs are typically in tune with environmental considerations and are interested in making their operations as eco-friendly as possible. It would be difficult to imagine a hemp disinfectant product that is more environmentally safe than PCT’s. Its low toxicity means that it can be used around humans, animals, and plants without danger, and it can also be rinsed into the environment without endangering waterways or the surrounding ecosystem.

At the same time, this disinfectant is incredibly effective against the pathogens listed on its product label. On hard, nonporous surfaces the kill rate is well above 99% with 10 minutes of exposure, meaning that the disinfecting process is efficient, powerful, and doesn’t consume an inordinate amount of attention on the part of growers. For more information on how PCT can help the cannabis industry with its persistent fungus and other contamination problems, get in touch with PCT’s sales team directly at 843-390-7900.

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT)

Our Products

Greenlyte® Electrolyzed Water


Made from naturally occurring salt and minerals, HOCl, ​No Wiping Required, No VOCs or Quat Ammonium, Environmentally Friendly.



Non-toxic safe industrial-grade cleanser, eco-friendly, safe around pets and people.



Kills 99.99% of labeled bacteria & viruses when used as directed; no VOCs & Quat Free.

Anolyte Solution


Annihilyzer Infection Control System is a complete cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection solution, on-site and on-demand.